West Glamorgan Cross Country

West Glamorgan XC

First of all…

CONGRATULATIONS to the women’s team for winning Division 2 last season (2017/18). The effort from all of you was superb and the hard work paid off. Up to Division 1 you go!

A good effort was seen from the men. Finishing in 4th place after Porthcawl and two Swansea teams was obviously a little disappointing but you stayed in Division 2 and next season will  see you fighting back and stronger – get those trail shoes out of the cupboard!

The West Glam XC begins just as the BCRL ends so there’s never a dull moment if you like competition!

The first race is usually in September, right on the coast of Llanmadoc. October and November offer more off road racing with the Gnoll and Kenfig Dunes taking the pounding of our feet. There’s a little break in December, although maybe we need it to help keep us focussed and away from the idea that there’s no harm in consuming every single morsel of food that passes our eyes? January often offers us a super skin cleanse and detox in Margam (okay, it’s a mud bath, we’re not going to lie, but it’s probably good for your skin. And the truffles help you forget that your once white socks are now a shade of unidentified hue). If off road is not your favourite, then a couple of laps around a reservoir should help before ending the Margam Mud Bath!

Dates for the 2018 / 19 league are now out and information can be found on the respective pages. Captains Jennet and Gareth will undoubtedly be coaxing and luring you to the start line with promises of truffles and… actually Gareth, what are you offering?

More information can be found on the West Glam XC website: West Glam League