Merthyr Mawr Pudding Race



One of the toughest 10Ks around, especially given the conditions in recent years. A run come aquathlon might be a more fitting description for the course! But the route itself is beautiful and takes you up the infamous Big Dipper to start. Have you got what it takes to race to the top and earning the coveted 1st prize place? No… you’re right. Who in their right mind would have the energy to do that? Running UP a sand dune. Running UP the second largest sand dune in Europe! Madness. Once up, and if like most of us you didn’t make it first, second, or even third, prepare yourself for a bit of a wait as the masses build to squeeze through and then down the narrow path to a much more open space. You’ll get to wind through sand dunes, woodland and wade through streams until you reach the beach. And then follow the river back to base. There will be water. There will be sand. There will be mud. You have been warned! But you will have a lot of fun too! Thank you Brackla Harriers for organising this event every year.

Are you up for it next year? Keep an eye on the Facebook page around about August time for further updates.

Merthyr Mawr Pudding Run Facebook Page