Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRFs)

LiRFs commit time to ensure you have a positive training experience when running during one of our club sessions. They had to spend at least a whole day training with Welsh Athletics to show competency in a range of skills and further developing their own! If one of them offers advice, it’s through kindness. And if one of them is a bit bossy, it’s so you make it home in one piece.

Our current LiRFs are:

Kate Ashton, Laura Ashton, Gareth Danter-Hill, Delia Domachowski, Iwan Dowie, Nikki Dowie, Joanne Edwards, Lucy Edwards, Emily Fraser, Georgina Fraser, Louise Hogan, Steve Hogan, Nicola Howells, Rob Jones, Kieran Jenkins, Vince Lawlor, Jayne Llewellyn, Hannah May, Paul May, Dianna Tudor, Carolyn Windos

If you are interested in becoming a LiRF then we advise the following:

  1. Speak to a committee member to find out a little bit more about being a LiRF (or a LiRF) and the expected commitment from you.
  2. Find out more information on the Welsh Athletics website about becoming a LiRF, including the course you would be able to attend.
  3. Print one of the forms (or collect from the committee), complete it and give it in.

Cornelly Striders LiRF Application Form