Indoor Sessions

We have access to a great indoor space at the North Cornelly Community Centre meaning we can offer alternative sessions to our club members.

If you’re preparing for a race, having some rest time, (sadly) injured or just want to mix in some cross training then have a look at what we offer to complement our love of running.

Yoga Sessions

Louise takes the yoga sessions which combine breath, body and mind in a way that will suit the runner’s needs. Whether the focus is on strengthening or recovery, everyone will benefit from these sessions. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga! Similarly, yoga isn’t about sitting around and doing nothing. The best way to discover what it is about is by giving it a go!

(Louise’s yoga teacher training begins in January 2019)


Core Strengthening with Bands

Led by Jo (and supported by Steve G), the sessions are fast paced using strength bands. You will be eased in at the level that suits you.



Lucy is the circuit leader. Combining her own knowledge of circuit fitness, training and conditioning she will put you through your paces to help develop the muscles that keep you moving!


Stretch Sessions

For when a full yoga session might not be what you need, Dave has offered stretching sessions that are more than a cool down. These sessions have an emphasis on stretching and holding poses that will work on the muscles used when you are running.


All of these sessions are offered to club members at no extra charge and they will benefit your running technique and stamina.