2019 – Presentation Evening Awards

18th November 2019 Off By Louise

Another year, another venue! The club grows and grows and we want everyone to have the opportunity to join in the celebrations of the previous year.

We’re still ‘smart casual’, no black tie events here (yet 😉 ) although the Legend that is Keith could have easily nabbed the ‘Best Dressed’ award if it existed (yes Rob, I am using your words!)

Iwan has a lot to say and he never gets any kinder to himself bringing laughs to the rest of us. We got to reminisce of the achievements and hiccoughs of the year gone by followed by food and cake. And maybe a little bit of dancing!

Of course this is also the exciting London Marathon Ballot. We are in the privileged position to send two of our runners to London to run through the tunnel of noise stomping along in the footsteps of the great elites… It is unlikely you’ll see them, let alone catch them! And it doesn’t matter how many marathons you do, if it’s not London, non-runners haven’t got a clue (“How long was that marathon then?” “Was it as far as London?” etc.)

A very fitting award was presented to one of our most persevering, resilient, thoughtful and supportive members: Strider’s Yorkshire Hero award to Vince Lawlor.

And the winners for the competitive year 2018/19 are…

West Glamorgan Cross Country 2018/19 Winners

If you want a chance of being in the top 5 make sure you attend all races!
1Joanne EdwardsPaul Chappell
2Fleur JonesGareth Danter-Hill
3Paula WilfortCarl Feiven
4Lucy EdwardsRob Jones
5Nikki DowieKevin Walford

BCRL 2019 Winners

Winners of the Bridgend County Running League - Age graded by the league.
1Nikki DowiePeter Turner
2Paula WilfortKeith Powell
3Joanne EdwardsHuw Beatty

Club Championship Winners

Your best 10 times out of 20 possible events from October to October count toward this championship.
PositionFemale Male
1Joanne EdwardsKieran Jenkins
2Fleur JonesRob Jones
3Nikki DowiePaul Chappell

Best Newcomer 2019

If you have been a member of the club for less than a year, it could be you!
1Laura StuttafordIan Wright
2Rosa ThomasDafydd Chappell
3Samantha CullenChris Nicol

Most Improved Strider 2019

Awarded to people that have been members for more than a year.
1Nicola RoachMal Hill
2Claire BowenSean Parry
3Gail O'GormanChris Morgan

Club Persons of the Year

New this year - two people chosen for the 'Chairman's Award'.
Carolyn Windos and Paul Chappell

Jack Couch Memorial Award

The Runner's Runner Award. Voted for by YOU!
Iwan Dowie
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