Severn Bridge 5 Night Race

10th November 2018 Off By Louise

Wow! What an amazing turnout in such testing conditions! Although it’s not surprising, we’re a hardy bunch and we know tough conditions teach us something. And it’s always easier to get through it when your running friends are nearby, running with you or whooping from the side!

I’m so glad Paula didn’t confuse it with an aqualthlon though and dive into the Severn, that would have been a troubling predicament, thought the way she’s running, swimming, cycling, dancing etc etc.. at the moment, I’m sure she would have tamed it and still got to the end!

A tremendous well done to all of you for turning up and completing. The photos do make it look like a fun run (ha!) so there may be even more there next year.

Big congratulations to Paula for being 2nd female back and finishing 1st in her age category. Along with: Carolyn, Cheryl and Steve G for finishing 1st in their age categories too! Not forgetting Greg Allen for finishing 3rd in his age cat and to Team Striders – finishing FIRST overall in the women’s category 😀 and THIRD overall for the men! BRAVO! 😀 😀 Something is certainly working for you or maybe it was the temptation of the prizes? Yes, we saw them 😉 

The results are in the ‘results’ tab or you take a shortcut here 🙂

Well done guys #happystriding

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